HL7 India conducts HL7 Certification examinations for corporates and individuals.

For Corporate

  • Exams will be conducted at the premises of the corporate on a mutually convenient date.
  • Minimum 10 candidates should be there. If there are more than 25 candidates, two proctors are required.
  • The fee payable for each exam per candidate is Rs 12,359.60 (Inc. 12.36% Service Tax) for non HL7 members and Rs 11,236 (Inc. 12.36% Service Tax) for HL7 members. HL7 members should provide the evidence of valid HL7 membership.
  • If the organization has HL7 membership then the fee is Rs 11,236 (Inc. 12.36% Service Tax) per candidate for their employees; Organization should provide evidence of valid HL7 membership.
  • Demand Draft should be drawn in favor of : HL7 Healthcare Standard Institute payable at Bangalore.
  • DD should be handed over to proctor on the day of exam.
  • Proctor will bring the required material for the exam.
  • Each candidate should have a photo identity proof which should be shown to Proctor for verification at the time of exam.
  • Air tickets (round trip) shall be sent to proctor(s) 4 to 5 days in advance.
  • Pick up and drop from airport to the exam venue should be arranged.

There is no pre-requisite for taking any version of HL7 exam. Interested organizations may write to us at certifications@hl7india.org.

Please note that HL7 Certification is awarded ONLY by HL7 International.
HL7 India conducts HL7 Certification Examinations on behalf of HL7 International.
No other organization is authorized to award HL7 Certification.

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