Organizational Membership

  • An organisation may become the Organisational member of HL7 India to represent the interests of that organisation. This membership is open to any identifiable individual or individuals grouped together for a common purpose.
  • This membership may be effected by any person within an organisation who completes and signs/ gets signed the appropriate membership forms and pays Rs 28090 (Inc. 12.36% Service Tax) by way of a Demand Draft drawn in favor of “HL7 Healthcare Standard Institute” payable at Bangalore.
  • This type of membership allows the Organisation to use HL7 or HL7 India copyrighted materials for the purposes of training its employees or customers, and confers a right to vote in any HL7 India ballot in accordance with the applicable balloting rules.
  • HL7 India has the rights to specify special membership terms or subscriptions to any organization which aggregates a large number of organisations.
  • The benefits and responsibilities of organizational members are governed by HL7 India policy manual and are subject to change.
  • All Organizations in India who are currently the members of HL7 International are automatically entitled to be organizational members of HL7 India with all the benefits, duties, responsibilities and rights associated with Organizational membership in India including the right to vote in HL7 India ballot and the right to serve as Officers and Governing Council members of HL7 India. This membership is valid till the end of their Organizational membership with HL7 International


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