Membership Benefits

Membership benefits in HL7 India include:

  • Attendance and voting rights in HL7 India meetings.
  • Access to HL7 standards.
  • Participation in technical committee for matters related to technical content of HL7 India specifications and input to HL7 International.
  • Other privileges as decided by HL7 India Governing Council.
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Benefit Comparison
Organizational vs. Individual Membership

Benefit Organizational Individual / Student
Right to distribute standard within their organization Yes No
Right to distribute excerpts of the standard to customers Yes No
Right to use excerpts of the standard to create customized implementation guides Yes No
Right to use the standard in the development of products and services Yes Yes
Right to use the "HL7 Organizational Member" logo on marketing materials including advertisements, brochures, Web sites and proposals Yes No
Right to transfer membership from one individual to another Yes No
Organizational profile on HL7 online membership directory Yes No
Free online job postings Yes No
Copies of the standards Multiple One Only
Voting members Multiple Individual Only
Student - No
Discounts on working group meeting registration and tutorial fees Entire Organization Individual/Student Only
Discounts on HL7 bookstore items Entire Organization Individual/Student Only
Access to "Members Only" section of the Web site All Assigned Members Individual/Student Only